The Pink Daffodil, based in Orange County, is one of Southern California’s premiere floral design studios specializing in weddings and events. We know that creative inspiration can come from just about anywhere – in brightly colored fabric to a treasured vintage necklace or autumn light shining through the trees. We believe in Happily Ever After and Fairytales.

Beth Costa, Owner and Lead Designer is artistic, innovative and in love with her business. She began her career in television as a set designer. Her love of flowers, gardening, entertaining and interior design made it natural for her to transition into floral design. She is passionate about flowers and is dedicated to turning visions into reality.

Her Creative Team is comprised of an intimate group carefully selected the same way she does with each and every flower for their creations. They are comfortable working in any palette and on any scale and have been honored to work with many designers including CHANEL, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana and Mara Hoffman. Prepare to be inspired because The Pink Daffodil is an Unforgettable floral experience.

Judy, Lead Designer – has been a part of The Pink Daffodil team since 2011. She brings not only a wealth of experience with 20+ years but an exquisite design style. Her attention to detail is amazing.

Paige, Lead Designer – is the newest addition to our creative team. She brings over 9 years of experience with her and a fresh attitude and energy. We are blessed to have her.

LuLu, Designer – has a huge heart and is a talented designer. The studio is a lot brighter whenever she is in it…constantly singing and laughing – whether we want her to or not.

Sal, Designer – is a force to be reckoned with. He is a hard worker and quite the gentleman making sure that the girls don’t lift heavy things when he is “on duty”.

Diane, Assistant Designer – aka Ms. Di has been with the team since 2013. She brings 20+ years of experience with her and is willing to help out whenever and wherever she is needed.

Ginny, Design Assistant – is a former restaurant owner with a knack for entertaining. She is extremely organized and pays attention to detail … nothing gets overlooked when Ginny is in the Studio.

Sue, Design Assistant – is the kind of person every successful business needs. She head the “Quality Control” Department. She helps make the difference between excellent and EXQUISITE.

Kymberly, Lead Set Up – joined the team in 2014. She spends her days working with special needs children and her weekends with the team. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in enthusiasm. She is truly one of a kind and loves, loves, loves weddings.

Brittany, Lead Set Up – joined the team in 2011 …. as one of our brides! Her eye for style is incredible and he has always been one of our biggest cheerleaders. We love having her as part of our set up team.

Ashley, Lead Set Up – joined the team in 2015 and is a Dynamo in training. Her can do attitude and her calm demeanor make her an asset to the team.

Anabel, Set Up Assistant/Prep Team – is fairly new to the team but not to the wedding and event industry. She used to work as a coordinator in LA before relocating to the OC. We don’t worry about a thing when Anabel is helping!

Tiffany, Set Up Assistant/Prep Team – dreams of being a full time floral designer but with two little ones is a full time (very busy) young mom. We take her when her schedule permits!

Shawna, Set Up Assistant/Prep Team – worked at a flower shop as a teenager … and loves flowers so much that she says she would work for free. (We pay her anyway!)

Kelly, Set Up Assistant/Prep Team – claims that working with flowers is therapeutic. She’s right! She always comes to work with a smile on her face and ready to jump in … event in the most daunting tasks.

Rachel, Set Up Assistant/General Assistant – is our young college assistant who has worked with Beth for several years. She helps out with organization around the studio, event set up and delivery. Summer’s end is always sad when Rachel leaves us to return to school.

Dan, Handyman Extraordinaire – is the love of Beth’s life and the fireman who comes to the team’s rescue where there is a need to fix, build or get something in the midst of a big event. His nickname around the Studio is Captain Dan-tastic!

Kobe, Lucy and Ricky, Mascots – sometimes all 12 legs can be found in the design studio. They watch over everything and wait for the hugs and good lovin’ when the busy team needs to take a break. Watch our for Lucy though … she loves, loves, loves garden roses … and occasionally will help herself to them!

Our Philosophy

The Pink Daffodil is a personalized floral design studio located in Irvine, California specializing in weddings and events in the Orange County area. At The Pink Daffodil, we know that creative inspiration can come from just about anywhere – in brightly colored fabric to a treasured vintage necklace or autumn light through the trees. We believe that by listening closely to our clients, we can turn their visions into reality. We are comfortable working in any palette and on any scale to manifest the perfect look for you. Our commitment to beauty and magnificence is unparalleled. Prepare to be inspired because the Pink Daffodil is…Deceptively simple…Effortlessly elegant…and an Unforgettable floral experience.

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